• Clark County Cleaners provides a full suite of alteration services, from simple hems and repairs to complete fitting for dresses and suits. However this is one of their services that is not done on site as we have opted to use the services of a third generation seamstress. She is local and has been in the business for the past 35 years, and can handle any job small or large. In the event your needs require a fitting we send you directly to her for the best possible outcome. As with everything else we do all work is guaranteed 100% to your satisfaction or you money back.

  • How We Process the Order

    1. Garments are checked in and your alteration requirements are discussed and noted.
    2. Most common repairs or alterations are priced on the spot.
    3. Special needs and/or requirements may require a quote from our seamstress before we proceed.
    4. If you require fitting we will put directly in touch with our seamstress to give you the best possible fit.
    5. Please note alteration service take 5 to 7 business days to complete
    6. Sometimes rushes can be done let us know your needs upon check in.