• Your shirts are checked in at the counter and starch and finish instructions are noted in your profile. Your shirts are tagged for indentification then sent to our stain removal station where they are inspected for stains, missing buttons and damage. Stains are treated and every collar and cuff is treated and scrubbed to insure a quality cleaning. Shirts are pressed damp which gives them that nice crisp look, cuffs and collars are finished first then the body, one final inspection and the shirt is placed on a hanger bagged and located on our carrousel for pickup.

  • How We Process the Order

    1. Your shirts are counted at the counter and we give you a quick ticket for the number of garments received.
    2. An invoice is generated from the quick ticket with your starch preference and any other pertinent details.
    3. Garment tags are produced and each shirt is tagged with customer and invoice data.
    4. All shirts are checked for loose, cracked or missing buttons and if needed they are replaced. Collars and cuffs are scrubbed and all shirts are checked for stains prior to cleaning.
    5. Shirts are pressed, then checked again for stains and wrinkles. If required shirts are pulled off line and touched up by hand to insure the best possible quality.
    6. One final inspection takes place before your shirts are bagged and put on our line for your pickup.